A downloadable game for Windows

Battle Tetris Gaiden with Kojima and some Giant Bomb cast.

This game requires at least one XInput device (i.e. a Xbox 360 controller)


If you only have one XInput device then the keyboard is player two. Up is for magic

Game Pad:

Dpad-Menu Selection/Block movement

A-Menu Accept/Rotate Block

B-Rotate Block


Arrow keys - Menu Selection/Block Movement

Space- Menu Accept

Z-Rotate Block

X-Rotate Block

If you have issues try the BattleTetris5DLLFIX.zip changed some compiler settings so it should no longer need the visual studio stuff, that was the only change.

Install instructions

extract contents to an empty folder and run the .exe


BattleTetris5.zip 11 MB
BattleTetris5DLLFIX.zip 11 MB


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Menu has to be done using the first xbox 360 controller

Hmm... I can run the fixed version of your game, but input (keyboard & mouse) seems to be unresponsive at the main menu, so I can't start the game.


What have you tried for input on the main menu? It should be the first xinput device's up and down for moving the menu selections (I know it's an odd setup, but the game is desigened for two players

I tried using mouse and keyboard, as did Isaiah.